Success Stories

Mr Sandeep Shukla

Stroke— Paralysis

My Uncle suffered Stroke–Paralysis few months back. We had lost all hopes as all the doctors of Mumbai were negative towards improvement. Our neurologist was also not giving any concrete answers and my uncle was frustrated and depressed as doctors had told us to shift him to home and do some Physiotherapy at home. My uncle was paralyzed on one side of body and there were no movements at all .He could not speak also .Then I was guided to Physioline by my friend.

I would like to thank Dr Sanjay Bakhshi who I think has been like God for our family. He and his team treated my uncle and we could see excellent improvement from the beginning of the treatment.He and his team has been fully committed and gave us the desired results. After seeing the final results and outcome today no one can say that my uncle ever had paralysis.


Mr and Mrs Alegbe 

Operated Case of Brain Tumour—from Nigeria 

Dear Dr Sanjay Bakhshi and Physioline Team .On behalf of my Daughter (Miss Tolulope) and my wife,We sincerely thank you and your staff for the warm reception accorded us for the two months of my Daughters paralysis rehab at your centre,Andheri west,Mumbai.Her two months of treatment has shown significant changes in my daughters ability to walk and solidify her stability. She has achieved very good recovery with this treatment.

In this regards,we thank you and your entire staff once again for the great job of professional work they have performed in making my daughter a physically much better person.


Balvinder Kaur Gill 

Bells palsy 

I came across to physioline through net. I had Bells Pasy on my face from past three years and not getting the improvement since then. I had lost all my hopes. But after joining Physioline I started getting the improvement in the first month of treatment itself. Dr Bakhshi is doing very well in his field with improved technology and good expertise.The best thing about him is that he gives personal attention to his every patient and help his patient in every possible means.The entire team of Physioline works on the patients problems very carefully and all of them give their best in working for the individual interest of patients.

I enjoyed my journey to recovery at Physioline a lot and now going back to my home with a smiling and happy face and positive attitude towards my life.I really got excellent improvement from Synkinesis and now there is no symptom of synkinesis and paralysis on my face. Dr Bakhshi has designed a home program for me. At last I would like to suggest all the patients of paralysis to go to Physioline for their treatment because I can assure that they will definitely get complete improvement. Thank you so much Physioline….


Indrajeet and Manju Patil 

Brain Stroke 

My name is Indrajeet Patil and my wife name is Manju Patil.We both are young and working in pune. My wife age is 26 years. She was working in Patni computers. Unfortunately she got Brain Stroke i.e Thalamus Infarct. So she lost her both hands and legs and all four limbs got affected with paralysis. She was not able to walk or grip anything.

After starting treatment with Dr Bakhshi’s Physioline she was able to walk without support within 2 months of treatment and also the hands improved significantly. I am very happy to take treatment here as my wife got well and good recovery. Thanks to Dr Sanjay Bakhshi and his team at Physioline.


Jan Stegemann , Germany

Ankle Sprain

Physical Rehabilitation

I am extremely thankful to Dr Sanjay Bakhshi and his entire team for changing my life. I had begun to think that I would never ever get rid of this pain in my ankle and would walk like this for the rest of my life.

But when I came to know about Physioline through one of my friends, I did not know what to do. I had tried treatments at various places, but this pain would not subside. My friend told me about the credentials of the doctor and that he has successfully treated many such patients.

My life has completely changed after that. I have no more pain, my gait has significantly improved and I am much more confident person now.

Thanks again to you Dr Bakhshi.

Jayshree Chaudasama , UK

Osteoarthritis, Knee

Physical Rehabilitation

I had begun to feel as if I am 70 at the age of 45 only. I would envy elderly people walking without any pain. Nothing seemed to help. My family was really disturbed on seeing my condition. I was diagnosed to be having early Osteo arthritis and the doctors advised to get the Physiotherapy done, but there was a long waiting period for treatment in U.K I did not have the patience to bear so much pain so we decided to move to India for the Physical rehabilitation and we got the reference of Dr Sanjay Bakhshi, Physioline from one of our relative who had taken the treatment there. Thanks to Dr Bakhshi and his team who gave me complete pain relief and good recovery.Now I think that I can live without surgery by continuing to do all the prescribed exercises.

Parents of Master Shayan Parvez Menon, India

Joubert Syndrome

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

I had lost all hope about my child. It was devastating to see my child in such condition. It was taking a toll on my and my husband’s health and our personal life was almost in shambles. We came to know about this rehabilitation center and thought of trying the services.

I am so happy to state that only after a few sessions my child has shown remarkable improvement. He is much much better now.

Thanks a lot.

Mrs Sonal Bhatia

Mother of Krishang Bhatia

Muscular Atrophy

Krishang had a sclerotic lesion in his right upper arm bone and due to this and the accompanying pain he had stopped using his right arm and hand. Due to this acute muscular atrophy had set in .His condition was so severe that he could not even hold a pencil and couldn’t write or draw. As he had begun formal schooling at Billabong we were facing a lot of problems and his inability to perform at par with his peers was manifesting as aggression and frustration in his behavior. Then we were guided to Dr Sanjay Bakhshi for intensive rehabilitation through specialized Physiotherapy and occupational therapy for his condition of muscular atrophy.

On our first appointment at Physioline we were impressed by the professionalism and technologically advanced treatment systems. We were advised 3 months of treatment to start with. We saw improvement in krishangs hand movements, fine motor skills and pain was also reduced. He had started to hold a pencil and doodling. We were really elated to see him doing all this. His hand showed marked improvement. Today at the end of the treatment I am really happy to see my son write, draw, play and dance as his peers. All the credit goes to Dr Bakhshi and his team who have worked miracles and brought my son from zero to level 9 on a scale of 10.With further interventions at home and follow ups we are very positive that krishang will reach level 10 in few days.

Miss C.Tonsing , Nepal

Cervical Spondylosis (C5-C6) with radiating pain to right arm

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

I don’t have the words to thank Indicure and Physioline, who have made a remarkable change in my life. I had this perpetual pain in shoulder and back, which had made my life terrible. I had tried various treatments but to no use. I then learnt about this center in Mumbai and decided to go there.

Now, I feel so much healthy and full of life. Thanks everyone at Indicure and Physioline.

Aslam Sheikh, U.A.E.

Left hemiplegia (paralysis of left side of the body)

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

I had lost all hope and was in  bad mental condition when I learnt about the Physioline and that they turn around the lives of patients like me. I had very little hope since most of the doctors and physiotherapists had tried their luck. I was thinking of going to the USA for the treatment since I had begun to think that things would not improve anywhere else.

The treatment at Physioline is amazing. I have started to walk now and can walk independently without a stick. They have given me a new life.

Mr. Hirjibhai Shah , Kenya

Lumbar spondylosis (L4-L5) with pain to radiating to left leg

Physical Rehabilitation

I am so thankful to Physioline for giving me my healthy life back. I had such bad back pain and pain in the left shoulder which had made my life miserable. My business was getting hampered, my life was so disturbed because of this pain all the time.

Thanks to Physioline and the entire staff, i have forgotten my pain and business is also back on track.They are very professional and at the same time caring in their approach. I am completely satisfied with the results.

Miss Chaya, INDIA


I am very much thankful to” PHYSIOLINE” for giving me the best Physiotherapy treatment. I was in severe pain as I was suffering from Cervical Spondylosis, I was unable to carry out my daily activities at home & at work. After undergoing the treatment at physioline I am feeling much better.

Mr. Dhiraj Saiya, INDIA


I am extremely thankful to Dr. Sanjay Bakhshi and his entire team at Physioline for changing my life. I had begun to think that I would never ever get rid of the pain in both my knees. I used to get severe pain in my knees while climbing up & coming down the stairs but after taking physiotherapy treatment at PHYSIOLINE my pain subsided within a short period of time.

Mr. Shah, INDIA


I am 84 yr old afflicted with left Hemiplegia. But PHYSIOLINE’s specialized physiotherapy treatment plan has brought me back on my toes. I am able to walk, climb stairs, sustain long hours of sitting without getting fatigue. I am overwhelmed with physioline’s treatment and mince no words while saying that PHYSIOLINE is highly recommended for all stroke patients to help them be independent.

Mrs. Santhanam, INDIA


I am afflicted with left Hemiplegia for the past 4 yrs but after I took treatment from Physioline i am able to write and speak, this in itself testifies the best treatment given by Physioline staff. I am extremely grateful to Physioline for this life altering treatment as I make my way to the healthy life.

MR. SHAH , India

Neck pain

I have found DR.BAKHSHI to be very professional in all aspects. His extensive knowledge combined with practical, hands on experience certainly assisted me in full recovery from an really back neck ache that prevented me from either moving my neck from left to right or sleeping well at night but treatment at PHYSIOLINE was magical my pain is completely relieved and now have resume my work back.


Knee pain

My condition was so severe that my legs were not able to hold my body up, yet within couple of treatment session at Physioline I was mobile again. Now I walk with more confidence and my pain is completely vanished, the result was amazing. The alternative treatment used at Physioline made a vast improvement to my mobility. All thanks to expertize team of physiotherapists at Physioline.

MRS. HERI, India

Frozen shoulder

Before the treatment at PHYSIOLINE I was unable to do the simplest thing like chopping vegetables, getting dressed etc. The pain in my shoulder was terrible and working a full day at my office was difficult. But after complete therapeutic treatment I have resumed my work with much ease and comfort. I have nothing but praise for DR. SANJAY BAKHSHI.


Back ache

DR. BAKHSHI is friendly and professional in his approach, I had problem with my back after my car accident. was having a lot of pain and discomfort that hampered my performance at work .I was not able to sit for long duration. But now from the time have started treatment at Physioline my back is getting stronger after each visit. All thanks to DR. BAKHSHI.


Cervical and lower back pain

I have had ongoing back and neck problem and had tried everything. I had no hopes left over other than living with the pain and was all depressed. Physioline treatment  did wonders for me. I have been  more mobile than ever . I have found that DR. BAKHSHI is a Physiotherapist of exceptional god-given talent for healing all those in need to ease.


Median and ulnar nerve injury

I was completely shuttered after my accident where my hand was severed by a glass pane. I was disturbed as it was my right hand and I am the only bread winner for my family. None of the doctors were giving me any hopes and duration of recovery. Then I came across an article in newspaper about Physioline. My family insisted me to start the treatment as directed by Dr. Sanjay, from a completely paralyzed state of my hand sooner I could see the movements and realized the effects of treatment. My hand showed significant improvement in three months duration and then it recovered fully. I would like to thank Physioline and Dr. Sanjay for giving me my hand movements back. Today I am able to do everything with my right hand.

MR. LABH GADHVI, Dar-es-Salam, Tanzania


My life came to a standstill when I suffered from paralysis. I hated the feeling of living like a vegetable life. I came to know about Physioline combination therapy for paralysis from a friend. After making all the necessary arrangements my son accompanied me to India and I started my treatment from DR.SANJAY BAKHSHI. But their treatment and positive attitude I could see a hope of light during my initial treatment only. I have seen my progress and results which Physioline gave to me. I was completely bed ridden and now I am able to walk and use my hand to the fullest. I was so impressed with the treatment and its result that I gave their information in a magazine in Tanzania. I would like to tell this to all paralysis patient that DR.BAKHSHI and his team at Physioline is really doing wonders for all paralytic patients.

Thank to Physioline for giving me a reason to live.

Parents of ISHITA PATEL ,Gujarat,India.

Cerebral Palsy

My 2 yr old son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. After we got the diagnosis my husband and I felt like we have been punched in the stomach. My son’s Paediatrician told us my son needs vigorous Physiotherapy on daily basis. I came to know about Physioline through one of my friend. Dr. SANJAY BAKHSHI at Physioline started the ‘Combination Therapy’ for my son. Very soon after the treatment, my son’s condition significantly improved. He has improved arm and hand mobility. He comes up with new words. Dr. SANJAY BAKHSHI continues to keep detailed records to eventually provide evidence of my son’s new development. I would advise other parents in a similar situation to do the same.

MRS .SAJIDA KHAN, Bhopal ,India

Delayed milestones.

My 6 months old daughter was diagnosed for delayed milestones. She was unable to hold her head, turn to one side. I was very much worried for my little girl. This was leading to depression. My daughter’s Paediatrician told me that Physiotherapy treatment would help her. As said by the Doctor, I started my hunt for a Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre. I came to know about Physioline on the net. I consulted DR.SANJAY BAKHSHI – the chief consultant at Physioline. He assured me that my baby has good scope of recovery with the kind of treatment they provide. As the days passed my baby started holding the head and was able to turn on one side, I could see a noticeable progress in her. All thanks to DR SANJAY BAKHSHI and his dedicated team at Physioline.


Tennis Elbow.

I had severe pain on the outer side of my right elbow, day by day it was increasing and I was facing problems in doing my daily activities. I was diagnosed by Tennis elbow and Physiotherapy was the only choice of treatment. I came to know about Physioline through one of my neighbour. After few sessions of Specialized physiotherapy treatment at Physioline, my pain had completely gone and I was back to my normal life.


Heel Pain

Our son was diagnosed with calcaneal spur in the middle of the basketball and football season last year, he was 20 at the time and incredibly active. I found out about Physioline on the internet and decided to give it a go. Our son took the treatment and noticed a reduction in pain. DR. SANJAY BAKHSHI also adviced my son to wear silicon heel pad. Their treatment and advices helped my son in all the ways. I am thankful to Physioline for their good treatment given to my son.


Pre- natal Physiotherapy

I am a mother of 1 month old baby now. During my pregnancy i used to be very tensed thinking about the pain which I have to go through. My mother used to keep telling me to keep exercising so that I would be able to have a normal delivery. I wanted to consult a Physiotherapist for some Ante natal exercises. One of my friend told me about Physioline. After doing the course of specially designed Ante natal exercises directed by DR. SANJAY BAKHSHI I was just amazed by the experience during my delivery. I could bear the pain because of my strong muscles.


Post Natal

I had put on 14kgs during my pregnancy. I was really tensed, I just wanted to shed the extra kilos I had. I didnt know from where to start, I wanted some professional to help me out. I went to Physioline, there a customized exercise regime was planned depending on my height and age. Within few months I could shed those few kilos.


Brain Tumor operation

I was detected with a brain tumour glioblastoma 2 yrs back and I was operated 1 yr back for the same. Since 6 months I have been on Chemotherapy. Because of tumor my left side is completely paralyzed and I was not able to walk, get up from the bed and transfer myself. I used to feel mentally very drained after the chemotherapy sessions but since the time I have started treatment from Physioline I am able to walk with support and post sessions I feel I am gaining lot of strength and endurance. Thanks to Physioline.



My 11 yr old son has been diagnosed for dyslexia. He had difficulty to listen, absorb and concentrate on the task at hand. But after taking the treatment sessions at Physioline he has the ability to keep himself focused and to resist distractions. Through this program, my son is now a thriving, self-confident, self assured student and now knows he has the ability to achieve whatever he desires.

MR. Ben, Karnataka

Facial paralysis

I had met with an accident 8 yrs back in which I got injuries on my face and the doctors informed me that I have got facial paralysis due to the injury. I was very much mentally depressed and could not go out in any social gatherings because of my problem. I took a lot of treatments all these years but I could not get any signs or recovery, then I heard of Physioline centre through an article in the newspaper and approached them. I started my treatment with DR. BAKHSHI and started feeling the right changes in my face. He had adviced some facial exercises in front of the mirror. After some time of treatment the changes started becoming significant and I could realize the difference. I am today as normal as any other person and I give the credit of all my recovery to DR.SANJAY BAKHSHI and his team.

ROBIN (18yrs.)

Mumbai India

Case: below knee amputation (lt.) Hemiplegia

I being just 18 and at beginning of my career was all depressed and deprived with what life had for me. I had lost all hopes that I could ever lead a healthy life again. But after starting my treatment at Physioline I don’t have words to express its really nice to observe changes now I can walk with more confidence and I am independent in most of my activities of daily living. Thanks to Physioline and the entire staff, a very professional and at the same time caring in their approach, I am completely satisfied with the result.


Mumbai India

I was suffering from cervical spondylosis and had intolerable pain, that hampered my performance at workplace and in my daily activities.I was tired of sleepless nights because of pain. but then when I discovered about Physioline I breathed a sigh of relief. I am so thankful to the entire team of Physioline and the treatment they provide that my pain is completely vanished. I am all fine and leading a healthy life again.

All thanks to Dr. Sanjay Bakhshi.

Mr Atul Shah

Prolapse disc

I suffered a disc prolapse midway through 2007 and tried several methods to lessen the intense pain but nothing worked out. Nothing was able to give me any relief but then a friend recommended Dr. Sanjay Bakhshi and I was amazed to find that within few days of my initial visit to him, around 10-15 sittingssessions, I was able to resume my regular exercise routine. His methods are gentle and a pleasant change from manipulation and pain generally associated with treatment of back injuries. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who suffers from back complaint.

Mr. Sumit Bhagat (son of Mrs. Bhagat)

Bilateral Osteoarthritis Knees

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

 My mother has benefited greatly from the treatment. Her condition was such that there was no option but to go for ‘knee replacement’ surgery. The laser treatment worked out to be a very good alternative.  She feels much better now. She is able to fold her legs and do her regular chores without any difficulty. I will definitely recommend this procedure to people suffering from osteoarthritis like my mother, who do not want to go for a surgery.


Bilateral Osteoarthritis—Both Knees

Dated 4th May 2010

I am 67 years old Senior Citizen and was suffering from severe knee joints pain in both knees for last two and half years with the result that I could hardly walk without assistance and was debating whether I needed to go for the costly knee joint replacement  surgery.To my luck, I received a pamphlet from PHYSIOLINE indicating the alternative treatment by some vibrations & laser. I met Dr. Sanjay Bakshi, who convinced me that I should go for this treatment which had already cured many such ailments including foreign patients.

I am glad I went for this cure and after10 daily sittings of 1 hour each I can place on record that I am feeling 70% better & will improve further with the home & self exercises demonstrated by him & his Assistant,. During my visits I had occasion to observe other patients including paralytic ones improving with this cure.

I sincerely thank Dr.Sanjay Bakhshi & Dr.Faizul.God Bless,


 Mrs Shashi Vohra

Bilateral Osteoarthritis— Both Knees

I have taken specialized treatment of both my knees. At the end of my sessions I do feel appreciable change in the condition of my knees. I feel lightness in walking and lesser pain. I look forward to lead normal life after sometime with the treatment at Physioline. Thanks to Dr Sanjay Bakhshi and his team.

Mrs Kapoor 

Bilateral Osteoarthritis—Both Knees

My name is Meena Kapoor and I am 56 year Old Lady. From last several months I had severe pain in my both Knees and also my Back was paining severely. I took treatment from various Doctors, but of no relief.After my brother contacted to Dr. Sanjay Bakhshi from Physioline, he suggested me treatment for 30 days, & I started my treatment from Physioline.

After 7 days of treatment I started feeling better, my pain had reduced and I started walking. Since before this treatment my walking had stopped as there was immense pain so with treatment the results were coming and the improvement was felt.Now after complete treatment, I have started walking and feeling better with new Life in my knees.

I have received excellent results and treatment from Physioline.


Mrs Charulata dighe

Back Pain–Severe Critical Condition 

I had severe back pain since last 20 years.I had shown myself to various doctors and taken various treatments but of no use as the back was getting from bad to worst .I had lost all hopes that i will ever lead a normal life and one day i suddenly fell because of pain and the doctors told me to undergo operation for the back. Then my nephew came to know about Physioline and Dr Sanjay Bakhshi through internet and we approached him.Dr Bakhshi came to see my condition at my home since i was completely bedridden.He advised me to undergo various treatments which we started with him.Dr Bakhshi came personally to treat me as i was in a very bad shape.I could see improvement after few sessions of treatment and the improvement continued with his treatment .I took treatment for 3 months as advised by him and saw a radical difference in my condition.My relatives and friends were surprised to see me gtetting better without surgery.Even my family doctor who wasnt giving green signal to the treatment of Physioline was surprised with the results.Today i am feeling that i am completely a new person with a new painfree life.I am able to do all my activities to full extent.Thanks at ton to Dr Sanjay Bakhshi and his team who gave me a miraculous recovery.