Research & Development

Physioline has always been a fore-runner in the latest trends of treatment in India.

Physioline is a pioneer in introducing a brand new therapy for the treatment of stroke/paralysis & other neurological disorders like cranio-cerebral trauma, multiple sclerosis, nerve injuries, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy etc.

A scientifically proven therapy from Germany called ‘Mentamove’ which is based on the modern principle of neuroplasticity. Mentamove is an equipment which requires the patient to imagine the movement carried out by the paralyzed muscles and in turn rewards the patients with the particular movement. This serves as a visual feedback to the patient and encourages the patient to work towards recovery.

Physioline took this innovative therapy a step further while carrying out intensive research and “Combination Therapy” was conceptualized. This Combination Therapy is the best treatment for paralysis in the world. It consisting of pulsed waveform currents, Mentamove. Interferential currents and a customized exercise regime.

With this innovative concept, our success ratio soars high up to 99.99%.The ability of the central nervous system to reorganize its functions, to ‘recover’ and ‘relearn’ is amazingly great, especially if it is given the necessary support during rehabilitation. The papers were presented in WCNR and is now widely accepted.

With this innovative concept we have also devised some combinations for the Orthopedic conditions wherein the success ratio soars up to 100% pain relief and the patient can be treated without surgical intervention.

Since Physioline is a Specialized Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation center, we are undertaking on going research in every aspect of Physiotherapy.

We keep taking inferences from all our learning and research to update ourselves so as to implement latest technologies in our treatment protocols to achieve optimal results.