Patient Care

An effective support team, which is always ready for our patients. Patient’s interaction starts with our team at the reception that directs them on their queries and fixes patient appointments in the centers.

On visiting the centers, our patients are requested to fill forms detailing their personal and medical details. Based on the condition of the patient, we assess the patient on scientifically approved parameters to understand their condition, successively the goals to be achieved are formulated and accordingly a unique treatment program is designed 

Each program has a staff dedicated to the treatment of that specific injury or illness. Only the dedicated staff for that patient carries out the treatment. This approach makes the staff own the patient and thus strive to achieve the desired results. There is completely no changing of hands with the patient.

We have a specific number of patients assigned to each therapist to ensure that the quality of treatment is maintained.

Timely re-assessment is done by our Chief Consultant and the treatment protocol  is modified to aid faster recovery. Discharge summary is given to patient for future reference with a list home program –exercises to be done at home to avoid re-occurrence of disorder and maintain the achieved results.

Post treatment feedback is taken from patients to help us improve and also assist them whenever required.

We request all our patients to contact us in case they require any assistance or advice later and we also instruct them to come for their monthly follow ups.