Wrist Bursitis



A bursa is a sac filled with lubricating fluid located between tissues such as bone, muscle, tendons and skin that decreases friction and irritation between tissues. If the bursa is subjected to repeated trauma then it can become inflamed and swollen causing pain in the wrist.

The extensive use the wrist puts it at a considerable risk for injury; athletes are at an even higher risk – 9% of all athletic injuries involve the wrist. Sports that involve throwing, weight-bearing, twisting and impact

Symptoms :-

  • Pain in the wrist especially when the wrist is bent back and you put your weight on it.
  •   A small lump or swelling in the top of the wrist.


  • Causes of wrist injury (and more specifically bursitis of the wrist) can be from sports such as baseball, badminton, and tennis.
  • Repetitive activity (Repetitive Stress Injury) is also a major cause of wrist bursitis

What athlete can do about it?

  • Rest
  • Cryotherapy

Physioline Treatment

  • Electrotherapy
  • Wrist strengthening program

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