With the vision and blessings of late Shri Vidya Prakash Bakhshi and late Smt Shanti Bakhshi of Kashmir Valley, Physioline under the leadership of Dr Sanjay Bakhshi has succeeded to fulfill their dream of contribution in the field of medical sciences.

late Shri Vidya Prakash Bakhshi & late Smt Shanti Bakhshi

There are various individuals who have been the source of Inspiration and with their blessings Physioline has been able to achieve excellence in the field of Physiotherapy. Physioline would like to enlist names of those individuals who have contributed towards the success of the centre.

  • Mr Davinder Bakhshi:- His guidance and foresightedness has helped Physioline to reach new heights. He has laid the foundation stone of Physioline and has always guided the centre to achieve excellence.

  • Mrs Neeta Bakhshi :- Her views have been the source of inspiration and her words have shown light in the path of success.

  • Mr Satyender Khanna :- His confidence on Physioline has always inspired us to gain new heights.

  • Mrs Karuna Khanna :- Her positive attitude and encouragement has always opened various doors of success for the centre.

  • Dr Girish Bakhshi ;- He has been the pillar of support and strength for the centre. He has guided us on every step and has contributed a lot for the centers success.

  • Dr Rochana Bakhshi :- She has always been a true admirer of all our efforts. Her vision and confidence on Physioline has always helped us in our growth.

  • Aarti Bakhshi :- She has been a guiding force for the centre. Her true critics have helped Physioline to improve in every way. She has pointed flaws and has helped us to correct them in every way

They have always brought luck and prosperity to the centre.