There are things that are known and things that are unknown and in between there are doors.” Physioline is one such door that strives to create a positive atmosphere from the first time you walk in. Physioline believes that the best results can only be achieved when the best of human skills is combined with the latest technology to give treatments.

We are forerunner in field of physiotherapy exclusively running specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Mumbai. One of the main reasons for Physioline’s success is that we never compromise on the technology and always keep introducing all the latest devices for the treatment. We strive to give the best treatment and facilities in the field of Physical rehabilitation. Apart from the latest international facilities, we have experienced, expertise, highly qualified team of physiotherapist and a through professional management. After a detailed through assessment and examination about the underlying causes and condition we plan our short and long term goals and treatment regime is designed to make the patient resume his daily activity at the earliest. We emphasize on patient education and psychological motivation so that the patient is a complete participant in his recovery. Our goal is the complete rehabilitation of the patient to his fullest.

Physioline is well equipped with the latest digital multifunctional and portable equipments. They are fully computerized and FDA approved. Physioline always keeps pace with the latest technology used worldwide thus optimizing the quality of treatment.

We make use of all the latest technical advances and treatment research papers published in international journals and make the best treatment available to the patient.