In this new era of 21st Century the world of Physiotherapy and Neurorehabilitation has evolved globally where Robots have taken over the treatment and are used in the treatment of Paralysis.With the evolution of Robots Physioline has been a forerunner in India to have valued the importance of hand rehabilitation and fully functional hand for paralysis patients so we introduced the Robotic Neurorehabilitation glove Gloreha for the first time in the country.

Gloreha is an innovative Robot which is used for the rehabilitation of patients with any hand disability or in the cases where hand functionality is compromised. It provides an intensive early stimulant to the brain signaling the muscles of the hand to function effectively. The robot provides an audiovisual biofeedback with the 3D animation interface for the patient.

Gloreha is a very useful treatment for the patients struggling to move their fingers after a Stroke or an accident. Spasticity in the hand can be reduced in the initial phase of the treatment.