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Keeping in sync with the medical advancements, Physioline has launched latest Laser therapy of Lasermed 2100- Lasermed 2200 with power output above 400W- and the wavelength of 905 nm the highest in Mumbai. Lasermed 2100-2200 series is a medical breakthrough therapeutic device with unparalleled applications and treatment outcomes and it’s the strongest therapeutic laser available.

Laser therapy technology treats an assortment of physical pain in a revolutionary way. This highly specialized pain treatment combines a high-powered, dual wavelength infrared laser in a single beam. It is aimed directly at the origin of the pain, reducing and often completely eliminating it; simulating rapid cell growth and thereby enhances healing time, increased circulation and decreased swelling.The laser is placed in contact with the skin allowing the photon energy to penetrate tissue, where it interacts with various intracellular bio molecules resulting in the restoration of normal cell function. This also enhances the body’s natural healing processes. In essence, light energy is converted into biochemical energy. The result; normal cell functions are restored. The process results in a disappearance of symptoms and increases the speed at which your body heals. Other Effects; the immune system response is stimulated, Lymphatic drainage is improved, Production of growth hormone is increased, & the body’s natural healing process are enhanced.

Laser therapy treatments work well for a variety of conditions, including swelling, arthritic pain, fibromyalgia, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, diabetic neuropathies, sciatic pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritics, gout, back, leg ,neck problems and sports injuries.There is little or no sensation during treatment and no side effects have been noted so far. Conditions respond better in few sittings. Other healing modalities are complementary but when used with laser it increases the effectiveness of the treatment

Physioline, as India’s leading comprehensive rehabilitation center provides a complete management program for a wide spectrum of Orthopedics and sports injuries like Osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, ankle sprain etc. Management for cardio-pulmonary conditions and pediatric conditions are also available. Physioline is indeed the first center in India to have launched LASER therapy 905nm from Italy and E-cell therapy from Australia. With these highly specialized and advance treatment approaches Physioline has successfully been able to alleviate pain without the need for any surgical intervention in cases of osteoarthritis of knee, shoulder pain, back pain and all other such musculo-skeletal pain of the human body.

With this innovative concept, the success ratio soars as high upto 99.99% in neurological conditions and 100% pain relief in orthopedic conditions. This has rewarded them with satisfied patients over the years.

The overall goal of treatment or management at Physioline is to cater to the health needs of patients and strive hard to enhance their capacity to function and remain as independent as possible. The endeavor to be the best in the field has prompted Dr Sanjay Bakhshi to constantly look for new ways to improve the results for the patients. With each new patient he and his team try to gain greater knowledge for guiding the successful recovery of future patients with similar impairments and diseases.Post operative Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy Services



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