Madelung’s Deformity


Madelung deformity (MD) of the wrist is characterized by a growth disturbance in the volar-ulnar distal radial physis that results in a volar and ulnar tilted distal radial articular surface, volar translation of the hand and wrist, and a dorsally prominent distal ulna. It occurs predominantly in adolescent females who present with pain, decreased range of motion, and deformity. It often has a genetic etiology and is associated with mesomelic dwarfism and a mutation on the X chromosome. The deformity can be treated surgically by addressing the deforming bony and ligamentous lesions, correcting the abnormal position of the radial articular surface, and equalizing the longitudinal levels of the distal radius and ulna.


DETAILED TREATMENT:- Kindly contact Physioline for the detailed assessment and treatment program which is individualised according to every patient.