Combination Therapy


Physioline’s Combination Therapy is the implementation of all the various technological advances from various countries across the globe. As the name suggests it is the combination of various techniques, patterns, treatments which have evolved in various parts of the world. In Physioline for any particular Ailment we are using Combination Therapy wherein all the world’s best treatments and approaches are combined together to achieve a higher result percentage. Various treatments have come from Germany, Japan, USA, Uk, Australia, Europe which are given in combined form, to the patient.

Every Year there are various new Equipments, approaches, medical devices and newer treatments which come in the international arena for the betterment of the patients .Our centre has an approach to bring all these latest well researched treatments in India so that the results can be exulted for every ailment. It gives the patient a better prospect of improvement and recovery.

Combination Therapy for NeurorehabilitationThe Neuro Combination therapy consists of all the treatments which have been introduced in the world by various countries of the globe for recovery of neurological conditions like Stroke, Spinal cord injuries, Facial palsy, Motor neuron disease, Parkinsons etc. Mentamove from Germany, Robotics Rehabilitation, Gloreha from Italy  is the latest addition in Neurorehabilitation.

Gloreha which is primarily given for the treatment of hand focusing on improved functional activities of the hand in cases of  Stroke and paralyzed patient and also in the conditions wherein the hand is affected. With this innovative concept, the success ratio soars as high up to 99.99% in neurological conditions. This kind of addition in the treatment patterns and therapies has always helped our centre to stand tallest with respect to our results on the paralysis patients.

Combination Therapy for Orthopedic Ailments like Back pain,Knee pain :– Prevention of Surgery and giving pain free lifestyle to the patients is our primary concern. Physioline centre has been constantly working towards the treatment of orthopedic patients in a manner so that surgical interventions can be prevented and the patient can lead a stress free lifestyle with all the activities of daily living. Post Fracture rehabilitation of the patients at a faster pace has been achieved with combinations.

Various treatments, technological advances and newer approaches from all over the globe are utilized in combined manner to prevent Surgeries and giving patients a pain free life. Newer treatments like Laser Therapy from Italy, Japanese treatments and Australian approaches have given excellent results to the patients.

Combination Therapy for Sports Injuries:-  Fastest and complete recovery has been the aim of combination therapy for patients of Sports injuries. By enhancing best onsite first aid, diagnosis and treatments of sport injuries with the latest advanced technologies so that pain, swelling can be reduced and the individual can resume the sport at the earliest with complete efficiency. In addition we also provide specialized exercise program to achieve higher level of mobility, muscle strength and proper functioning of the injured part. We concentrate on using combination therapy which helps the patient to improve flexibility, overall fitness and therefore improving their performances in their respective sports